Pictures of My Ancestors

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James Pinkney Pittman (1855-1946) - my great-grandfather

Nannie Elizabeth Vick (1857-1890) - my great-grandmother, first wife of James Pinkney Pittman; died in childbirth; great-niece of the founder of Vicksburg, MS; she's the reason my first name is Victor

Joseph Thomas Pittman (1848-1946) - Civil War veteran, elder brother of James Pinkney Pittman, photo taken at Confederate Soldiers' Home, Atlanta, GA... he's at the upper right

Joseph Thomas Pittman and James Pinkney Pittman together at the Confederate Soldiers' Home, Atlanta, GA; Pinky's on the right, Joseph the left

Victor Randolph Pittman, Sr. (1890-1957) and Maude Elizabeth Swinney (1890-1957) - son of James Pinkney Pittman and his wife; my paternal grandparents

Pinky's Edger - J.P. patented a design on a manual lawn edger in 1937

Victor Randolph Pittman, Jr. (1914-1989) - grandson of James Pinkney Pittman; my father, and along with my mom, my hero. I'm on the right, at a family reunion in about 1986.

James Pinkney Pittman, his second wife, Amanda Madora Simms (1857-1947), and family, 1924. My father is third from the right on the front row. His father is the third man from the left on the extreme back row. Photo taken in front of the North End Pharmacy on Proctor Street in Port Arthur, TX

Family dinner taken that same day in 1924, in the home above the pharmacy, which belonged to my great-uncle and aunt, Stephen D. Stuart, Sr. and Sarah Elizabeth Pittman. This was a time exposure, so any movement caused a blur.

Jules and Eliza Duplant, parents of Julia Marie Duplant, circa 1907. Jules emigrated from the Alsace-Lorraine in France in 1866.

Milton and Mary Robicheaux, parents of Bannon Joseph Robicheaux, circa 1927.

Bannon Joseph Robicheaux (18??-1957) and Julia Marie Duplant (1899-1966). My maternal grandparents. She's the only one of my grandparents that I ever knew.

The above photos given to me by Sue Pittman Wright, James Lloyd Pittman, Jack Puryear, and Evans Robicheaux, Jr.

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